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The Gospel of Luke: A Saviour is Born

December is upon us, the fuss of Christmas is rife yet do we really remember the reason for the season? If you are a believer, December is a month to reflect upon Jesus' birth and the reason behind it.

As early as Genesis 3, God promises that a Saviour would come to save the world after the Fall.

In Genesis 12, God makes a promise to Abraham about his family going forward, that they will continue to bless generations upon generations.

In Numbers 24, the star that pointed the wise men to the manger was described as "coming from the descendants of Jacob".

In Isaiah 7, God makes known to the prophet Isaiah that "Immanuel" will come in to the world - Immanuel means 'God with us'.

In Isaiah 9, God reveals the birth and reign of the Jesus Christ, naming Him "a Child... a Son... Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace."

In Daniel 9, it speaks of the restoration of man through "the Messiah" who will come.

In Hosea 11, the prophet Hosea prophecies that Mary, Joseph and Jesus would flee to Egypt after King Herod for he planned to kill Jesus.

In Micah 5, Bethlehem was discussed as an unimportant town, yet it would be the town in which a Saviour would be born.

In Zechariah 9, Christ is described as coming as a "King", "having salvation", "riding on a donkey".

This month, as we read through the Gospel of Luke, instead of reading right up until 25th December, we will spend the next 31 days looking at the life of Christ, as the Saviour to the world. I pray if you do not know Christ, that you will come to know Him personally.

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