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The Gospel of Matthew: Jesus, The Messiah

The gospel of Matthew gives an account of Jesus as the King and Israel’s long-awaited Messiah, because He fulfils the Old Testament prophecies.

Chapters 1-4 is broken down as the announcement and arrival of the Messiah, taking us right up to when Jesus begins His ministry with His chosen twelve disciples.

Chapters 5-15 covers Christ’s saving message to the world, through the Sermon on the Mount, to miracles and parables. It’s important to note that each of the gospels share an account of Christ’s miracles and parables, yet as we know, Matthew the disciple looks at it from the angle of Christ, the Messiah - the One who fulfils what the authors of Genesis (when Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden and God said that there would be someone who would come to save mankind, right through to Malachi (that God’s people are not faithful to worshipping the One true God, yet He is a forgiving God who will send a messenger John the Baptist to prepare the way for Jesus).

Chapters 16-27 points to Christ’s suffering and death, using more parables to emphasis that a Saviour is needed to save us from our sin, and preparing His disciples for when He would no longer be on this earth to help them in-person.

Finally, chapter 28 closes with Christ’s conquest - His resurrection from the grave, and the great commission that He sets before His people.

I believe going through the gospels have been such a blessing to my heart because we read about Christ and His work through the eyes of His disciples, people who followed Him daily and watched Him do miracles, speak to large crowds, pray with Him, eat with Him, and who watched Him die then raise to life again.

May this month’s reading plan be rooted deeply in your heart, and use this month to pray for a thankful heart as we reflect upon Harvest, Remembrance Sunday and Thanksgiving -

“Thank you Lord for saving me. Thank you for the daily grace you faithfully give. Thank you for the work that was carried out on the cross, and may your Word be planted and watered and grow daily, spreading seeds to others and to be an encouragement in this dark world. Amen”

You can download the plan here, and pray over these passages each day that they would dwell richly in your heart and mind.

Download PDF • 317KB


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