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It certainly has been a mental few years for everyone, and I wanted to start my 2021 off by having a wee bowl of encouraging verses, folded up so that I could pick one out and meditate and study it every day.


What I hadn't realised is that God was using that 'bowl of hope' to create a 'wee box of hope'. Included in these wee boxes are 31 verses and prayers to lift your heart and spirit up, as well as showing you that there is hope in the midst of trials. That hope is found in Jesus.


This would be a special gift for someone who is struggling at the moment, who has a friend doing exams or studying, or someone that you love and just want to encourage them in their walk with God. It's just amazing how God can speak to you through verses and prayers of hope!


Version: KJV

*Comes with free easel*


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Wee Box of 'Hope'

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