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A Philippians 4 Prayer

Last month, I was at the Getty Concert and they sang such a wonderful song - at the time, I didn’t recall hearing it before and it wasn’t until a few girls sent it to me a week or two later (they were also at the concert). The very same morning, I had been reading Philippians 4 for about the 10th time in the past few weeks, the Lord just kept leading my heart back to this passage of scripture.

It reminds me of a prayer for the Christian, to rejoice in Him always and to lean on Him always.

I read a book a few years ago about praying the scriptures, and it is something I do regularly. Even if it is with one verse. I would focus on what it says about God, how I can pray for others, and how I can pray for myself. This also helps me memorise scripture - maybe not as good as I should be, but repetitiveness when it comes to memorising scripture is really important to me and should be for you too.

Please sit down and read Philippians 4 every day if you can, but spend each day on the verse of the day. Reading it. Memorising it. Praying it.

May this month’s reading plan bless your heart.

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