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12 Days of Christmas: TWO Testaments in the Bible

There are TWO Testaments in the Bible that speak of Christ in every page. Some books are brought together to make sections, such as the first four books in the New Testament being known as the Gospels.

Growing up, I have always struggled to understand the significance of some of the books in God's Word, so I felt a wee pathway was opened up to me to do something like this. God's Word should be read daily, and hopefully we can all say one day that we have read from beginning to end and know the basics, at least, from each book of the Bible - even me!

I've spent a few days putting together a reading plan for kids, young people and families to read individually or altogether, known and not so well known passages in the Bible. I want you to reflect upon each passage, and ask the following questions:

1) WHAT IS THIS PASSAGE ABOUT? Who is involved? Where does the passage take place? What is the story being told?

2) WHAT HAPPENED BEFORE? What do the previous chapters or verses say before you read this passage?

3) WHAT HAPPENED AFTER? What do the next chapters or verses say after you read this passage?

4) WHAT CAN I LEARN FROM THIS? How has God spoken to you through this passage? What has reading this passage taught you? How can you apply it to your life today?



TWO Books of the Bible, reading plan, weebobsni
Download PDF • 26.58MB

Feel free to leave comments or thoughts on how you're getting on with the reading plan and who you are reading God's Word with.


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